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P.G. Apparel dba Planet of the Grapes clothing was founded in Oakland, California in 2006. The influence behind the brand came from the streets and culture of the Bay Area at that time. After months of designing and development the brand launched its first release in June of 2006. Within two weeks of the release of their first design the brand was picked up by its first retail store, The Hat Shop on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, Ca. This shop soon became a mecca for music in the Bay Area and our brand grew along with it.

Since then PG has grown into a global brand that is sold in retail locations Worldwide. Over the years as the brand has grown and developed its continued to embrace the culture from which it was born. There are heavy influences of music and street culture along with the ever growing weed culture. All these influences have helped shape what this brand has become today.

Today PG’s Collections offer a wide variety of apparel including: Hats, T-Shirts, Socks, Sweaters, Jackets, Skateboards and more. We offer unique cutting edge designs that have attracted the likes of many celebrities over the years. Our brand encourages you to embrace your roots and......

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